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High-performance, multipurpose SINAMICS G220 changeable speed drive for increased efficiency

Siemens VFD G220 authorized dealer supplier in Chennai Ahmedabad Nashik Mumbai Pune

Because of this, the Sinamics G220 frequency converters operate and use space considerably more efficiently, which facilitates engineering.Along with being the first Sinamics drives to join Siemens Xcelerator—the company-wide digital transformation platform—the new frequency converters are also a first for Siemens. This is so because Startdrive, the drive commissioning tool, has a digital twin for Sinamics G220 frequency converters, which are also an essential component of the TIA portal.

This makes it possible to test and fine-tune the drive's behavior before the hardware is ready. Moreover, commissioning times may be greatly shortened with the integrated web server. An IIoT module is also included with the new converters.Control of Access and Management.

The Sinamics G220 converters offer a variety of hardware options and software functions, providing flexibility for adapting to specific application requirements. They are available with different features, such as an IP55 rating and special coatings for challenging environments. The drive is designed for a prolonged service life, thanks to its high-quality components and hardware design.

In terms of Safety Integrated, the latest frequency converters meet SIL 3 requirements, elevating safety standards. The Sinamics G220 is well-suited for various industries, with a particular focus on applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, and marine sectors.

The perfect fit for all industries

Food & Beverage



Oil & Gas

Target verticals Food and beverage, pharma, oil and gas, chemicals, marine, general machinery
EMC C2 (400V), C3 (690V)
Cooling Air cooling using an integrated fan
Ambient temperatures IP20: −20 to 45 °C / to 60 °C (> 45°C with derating)
IP55: −20 to 40 °C / to 55 °C (> 40°C with derating)
Motor cable length 150m (EMC Category C2) / 300m
Motor control U/f, FCC, ECO, vector control encoderless /with encoder, torque control encoderless /with encoder
Overload capability HO: 200% 3s, 150% 57s, LO: 150% 3s, 110% 57s every 300s
Inputs /outputs 6 DI (1 PTI), 1 F-DI, 3 DO (1 NO 2 NO/NC relay), 1 F-DO, 2 AI, 1 AO, 1 input for PTC/KTY84/Pt1000 motor temperature sensor
Communication PROFINET (RT/IRT, MRP & S2 redundancy), Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP
Safety functions Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), SIL 3, PL e, Cat. 4 via terminals or PROFIsafe

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