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Sick Encoders supplier in Mumbai

We are one of the leading distributor, supplier, trader & Stockist of SICK Identification Solutions. Our product range includes all types of SICK Products.

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Sick Encoders supplier in Mumbai

Encoder are sensing device that which provide feedback.Encoders are useful for device that require speed or high accuracy.It detects rotation angles.It convert motion to electrical signal that can be read by control device. The signal send by the encoder use to determine position , count, speed or direction.

incremental sensor

Sick Incremental encoders

It is used to changed shaft's motion and the angular position. There are two types of encoders 1 Incremental & 2 Absolute. Incremental encoders provide data related speed, distance & position. where Absolute encoder provide data. (a& b position wala nikal do)

absolute sensor

Sick Absolute encoders

Absolute encoders work by outputting a digital word of bit as the shaft rotates.There are two discs, both with concentric rings with offset markers.One disc is fixed to the central shaft; the other moves freely.

safety encoder sensor

Sick Safety encoders

The safety encoder makes it possible for the other components to monitor the speed, direction, and position of the motor and/or load and provide feedback if conditions meet a predefined unsafe state.

measuring encoder sensor

Sick Measuring encoders

Measuring wheel systems use a wheel to record linear movements, which they then convert to speed or position values. These systems do not require a reference point on the surface to be measured, making them well-suited to measuring a wide range of surfaces.

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