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Sick Automation light grids sensor Supplier in pune

We are one of the leading distributor, supplier, trader & Stockist of SICK Identification Solutions. Our product range includes all types of SICK Products.

sick automation light grids sensor dealer in pune

Sick Automation light grids sensor dealer in pune

Sick Automation light grids take many forms and cover applications from simple to complex. Sizes range from a few inches to several feet, and resolution. Nearly every sensor manufacturer offers some form of light grid.A light-grid transmitter stacks multiple infrared LED light emitters in parallel within a single housing. Likewise, the receiver combines a number of single-point phototransistor light detectors into another separate housing.

  • The high-speed scan offers short response times for safely detecting objects traveling at high speeds
  • High measurement accuracy for detecting even very small objects reliably
  • Ambient light immunity enables greater reliability
  • Simple evaluation functions and classifications in the SLG-2 via SOPAS ET.

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